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Lawyers have heart

lawyer with a heart

Keep Calm, I Am Your Lawyer.

The start of reviewing and learning to pass for the bar examination is in the first day of the class in the first year of first sem. The four years of staying in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Law will give me a lot of knowledge about the laws, its practices and principles that I can use in my everyday life especially in my future career in this field. As a lawyer, I will be responsible to help other people who seek legal guidance and make them feel that justices are really govern in the Philippine Republic over the money of those in the higher authority that is sometimes happen just to win their case. I am confident that the judgment of the judicial department will be fair with regard to the rights and liabilities of any person, whatever class the people came from. And one day, I will be one of the Judges who presides the hearing in court.

A lawyer must know how to balance what is right and what is wrong based in the rules and principles governing the structure and processes of societal relations especially in this generation where technology is everywhere. We see and hear the news that are sometimes we do not know it’s true meaning and sometimes misleading to the reality. The media has a powerful influence to our citizen. A lawyer or judge must know how to handle this.

“The rich have far greater chances than the poor of obtaining better-constructed cases.”

In the Philippines, some Filipinos cannot afford a lawyer who can support, serve, and give legal advise through legal guidance. As a lawyer in the future, I will be the one who will work in the Public Attorneys Office (PAO) so that I will give my full support for the people who needs assistance in legal process. I will possess those qualities and get a mastery to the profession through my learning process in studying law and to perform my goal in my future career.

The legal profession is a continuous learning process and through that process, I will make laws for the benefit of everyone and for the country wherein for our next generations will benefit for good.


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