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ryan macadangdang:

The Most Important Moment

Originally posted on Rolbos ©:

Servaas asked the question simply because  the silence bothered him. Here they all are, glasses in hand , in front of the counter and next to the fire – and nobody has anything to say. Truth be told: the drought has already been discussed, and Kleinpiet’s marriage isn’t news any more. There’s nothing new in Sammie’s Shop. Rolbos, Servaas has had to accept, has nothing o discuss.

That’s why he asked the question. For a few seconds, the silence endured.

“The moment that changed my life?” Vetfaan scratches his head. “There were a few, I suppose. I kissed a girl in Standard seven. Then I got my driver’s license, called up to the army and received my first Communion all in the same month. And then, in the army [i]….” No, he can’t tell those stories again.

“I remember the moment clearly,” Gertruida comes to his rescue. “It’s the…

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ryan macadangdang:

Moments of our life together

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The Goodbye

It was time.  I walked in, your wife, your best friend, your lover.  You had been cleaned up, tubes removed, hair combed, fresh gown.  I was able to hold you and kiss you, to say goodbye.  To ask your forgiveness for letting you go.  To tell you how much I loved you and always would.  To tell you about everything good and wonderful we had together, and to talk of all we had done, and what we had meant to each other.  I did all the talking; I don’t know if you were aware of my voice or were able to hear what I said, or even know I was there and feel my arms around you and be aware of my presence.  Were you present or were you already gone to whatever next plane of existence does, or does not, exist?  An hour went by, the longest…

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ryan macadangdang:


Originally posted on Living Dead Girl:

This is the response you will receive from me if you ask “Did you hear the news?”

The Daily Post’s prompt today is: Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

Well as I do not watch, read or notice the news, I haven’t been thinking about any topic in the news. Do not mistake this for not thinking about the events that are happening in these times. Sandy’s havoc on the people and the devastation she’s caused is always on my mind. I live in Florida so we are usually well prepared for hurricanes as the people up there can be more prepared for snow storms (which would scare the pants off of me and I do believe you need pants in a snow storm). Everyone affected by this Sandy is in…

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ryan macadangdang:

Confessions Of A Constant Commenter

Originally posted on HonieBriggs:

If you’re reading this, you are one of hundreds of followers possibly the best seventeen people in the world. You know that I freely share my skepticism observations of the bullshit nonsense I read in the news. Who did Petraeus piss off? What a shitstorm!

Blogs I follow are creative, artistic, and as far as can tell, written by decent, thoughtful people who are similar to me in some way – foodies, thinkers, photo nuts, writerly, comic geniuses, etc. As I’ve said before, I save the venting and ranting for my own blog, commenting elsewhere only if I believe I have something worthwhile to add to the conversation or if I’m trying to be funny or supportive. Recently, in a moment of weakness, I made a freakishly long comment on a well-written post. I was in total agreement with the post, but my comment kinda went off the rails (just…

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ryan macadangdang:

The War on Christmas

Originally posted on My Not So Humble Opinion:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the next person who mentions Christmas before I taste turkey gets a kick in the jingle bells. It’s not that I’m a Grinch (although my sister, the Christmas Elf, will gladly tell you otherwise). It’s just that my ability to enjoy the Christmas season is inversely proportional to my level of exposure to it. Don’t get me wrong; we have our holiday traditions, and I love them all. The music, the food, the decorations; most of all I will never forget the look on my sister’s face the year I finally slipped the lump of coal into her stocking for a change. But I digress. The point is that these moments are beautiful because they are rare, they are fleeting, and thereby they are magical.

I remember when I was a kid (and I have never felt older than when I…

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just as me

In a first class town in Isabela named Roxas, a baby boy was born in the Barangay of Lucban on December 14, 1993. My parents named me Ryan Macadangdang and the unico hijo in the three precious treasures of Mr. Rodel Macadangdang and Ms. Hilda Eclar. My two sisters are Aileen Macadangdang and Jinky Macadangdang. I was baptized in a catholic church named La Salette Parish.

I grew up in the Barangay of Lucban, Municipality of Roxas and Province of Isabela through the support of my Grandfather’s Sister named Mama Editha and her

husband Papa Arsenio, I am with them always wherever they go and providing me all my needs but sometimes, I go in my parents place because it only takes me twenty steps to get there. But after Papa Arsenio died, Mama Editha is the only one who support me, but when I was in grade 3, my parents are the one responsible for my needs including education, in which till now takes place.

I graduated as Outstanding at Lucban Day Care Center. Although I stand out among with my classmates, I undertake many failures in my kindergarten to mold myself in my best way and take it as lesson. It’s when I failed getting home the bacon during my drawing contest in my hometown Roxas.

I finished my Elementary Education at Lucban,Roxas, Isabela as Salutatorian. After all these achievements, many hardships I undertake. Joining school activities in both inside and outside activities.

I finished Secondary Education at Lanting Region National High School as 1st Honorable Mention. Even though I’m not our Salutatorian nor Valedictorian, I’m proud of myself. Despite of the fact that I can manage my time in academics because of many activities I join, I am one of those who excell in our class. I became the Vice President of Student Government Organization in our school, Assistant Editor-in-Chief in School Publication “The Hexan” and the President of Red Cross Youth Council. I joined School’s Division Press Conference, Area meet – dance sports, and many other activities of our school.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is my Tertiary Education taking Bachelor in Public Administration and Governance. My first course is Accountancy but I didn’t pass the Special Qualifying Examination so I decided to shift to another course that is pre law so that I can continue to take law someday.


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